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piotr. Ferociously chaotic mathcore juxtaposed with soothing melodies and passages. If your idea of song structure is a multitude of riffs crashing and burning into one another, this is for you. Try to follow this one along, kids. Favorite track: Buried Secret (ft. Jordan Ibarra of Aristeia).
Can This Even Be Called Music?
Can This Even Be Called Music? thumbnail
Can This Even Be Called Music? The album is relentless, fast, heavy, technical, and melodic while retaining some dissonant chords and harmonies. Favorite track: Nightmares (ft. Sam Gitiban of Novallo).
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released April 23, 2013



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TSAARS Ukraine

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Track Name: Nightmares (ft. Sam Gitiban of Novallo)
Take back those nights
with all the nightmares
Where I cant find the way I used to walk,
hollow life I used to live
I will never become the man I want to be, want to be
With walls in front of me
I just can’t become the man you want to see

Cause there's an axe behind my back
And there’s a rope around my neck

Justifing truth
that I only fear
I only fear
to be defeated
I can't fight no more these eyes in crowd, I can hear
these voices of the city lights
It's better to cut my ears off
And stay away from it

If all my enemies died,
I'd figure a new now;
Clawing up to holes and quasars,
Itching vibrating eyes
For all time.

If all my enemies died
Discord within the pride
Would recycle the collective urge to self-destruct

And I can't feel myself full-filled anymore
I'm only counting days, no longer free
Had I just let this sink
Forgetting what's left for me

And I can’t get out of this routine

I can’t sleep with this feelings of poison in my veins
I can’t live with this cave in my head
And I wish I would be chosen, not left out

As if one numb tear swelled all
Of the seas
Even the image of the sun was now revealed by just one
willing hand outstretched, ignoring its source's pain

It’s step to my own fresh early grave
I have been infected, I will never find an antidote
no time to waste, starting new way,
step by step, with empty hands